100,000 YouTube Subscribers

Daniel Bourke YouTube channel hitting 100K subscribers

Numbers don't do it for me. They never did. The first 1000, the next 1000, the next 10000. Yes, I like looking at them go up. But there's always more.

I said in my 1000 subscriber live stream Q&A video that 1000 subscribers was my only ever goal. Everything after that was a bonus.

That's not taking away from 100,000 in the slightest but it's a reminder that numbers on a page don't reflect what's happening on the other side. When someone watches your video, what does it make them do?

That's what excites me.

I remember walking into the Apple Store when I worked there and telling the other technicians I'd made a video on the weekend building a pullup bar. They said that's cool. And then I started making videos in my car. Talking about the world, having a conversation with myself.

And then I finally got into technology. Finally started to learn to code after saying I'd always like to. Finally started to make workout and health videos like I'd been hearing myself say for a while.

I guess it's time to start taking YouTube seriously...

Not really.

Not once have I taken it seriously. Of course, I've made plenty of videos and put lots of effort into my videos and the materials surrounding them.

But I never take it seriously.

Seriousness ruins the fun for me.

That's why I started making videos in the beginning. I saw other people making them and thought, wow that looks fun. So I tried it. And it was. And I kept making them. And it's still fun.

Every time I've taken a video seriously and it gets posted and I see the numbers and they aren't what I thought they'd be, it pains my heart.

But then I realise how silly I'm being.

In a world of polish, I like keeping things a little rough, a little random. The volatility makes it a dance.

So to the current 100,000, thank you for tuning in from wherever you are in the world.

Shaik, Gaurav, Ashik, Yogesh, Shivan, Vikram, Ken, Dmitriy and the many thousands more out there, I appreciate the love and jokes you share in the comments. I'll often take screenshots of funny things and send them to my friends.

Stay tuned because there's plenty to come.

And to the next 100,000, I'll see you soon.