What I'm doing now.

Organising hard copies of my book

At the start of September I released the digital version of my first novel Charlie Walks.

But many people have asked for the paperback edition.

And I agree, I love reading paperbacks too.

So I'm talking to printers now to try and get some organised before the end of year (Christmas presents for friends and family!).

I'm also talking with an independent publishing house to get some special edition hardcovers made for the first edition. But it looks like those will be early 2022.

I'll post updates as I find out more.

Two weddings

Two of my best friends from school got married recently.

I cried both times their brides walked down the isle.

I've known these people, brides and grooms for over half of my life.

Emotions have been full tilt lately. It makes me feel honoured to be surrounded by such love.

I wrote a poem for one of the couples and made a video documentary for the other (private).

Back in the game – A new machine learning project

I've been teaching machine learning online for the past 18-months or so.

And I love it. However, my latest course reaches the edge of my skill level.

So in order to improve, I'm going to be working on my own full-stack machine learning project. In essence, getting skin in the game.

The end goal will be to have a fully operational machine learning-powered application someone can access and use. I'll be using funds I've earned from my courses and other works to finance it.

You can find the project code on GitHub, I'm calling it Nutrify: take a photo of food and learn about it.

Plenty of updates to come.

[FINISHED] A New TensorFlow for Deep Learning Course

The follow on from the beginner-friendly Zero to Mastery Machine Learning Course.

As of last week, all of the materials have been completed.

Inside, you'll find:

  • 60+ hours worth of side-by-side coding videos (I write code, you write code)
  • 1000's of lines of TensorFlow and machine learning code
  • All of the course materials in a free (and beautiful) online book 📖

Last update:  13 October 2021