What I'm up to.

What I'm working on

A New TensorFlow for Deep Learning Course.  

The follow on from the beginner-friendly Zero to Mastery Machine Learning Course.

As of last week, all of the materials have been completed.

Inside, you'll find:

  • 60+ hours worth of side-by-side coding videos (I write code, you write code)
  • 1000's of lines of TensorFlow and machine learning code
  • New: All of the course materials in a free (and beautiful) online book 📖

Onto the next

Now that the TensorFlow course has wrapped, I'm moving on to (back to) my next project.

This one has been in the works for a number of years but whilst making the TensorFlow course I set it aside (one thing really well at a time).

I'm picking it back up and going to be doing nothing else except finishing it off. It's the best thing I've ever made.

Back in the game

I've been teaching machine learning online for the past 18-months or so.

And I love it. However, my latest course reaches the edge of my skill level.

So in order to improve, I'm going to be working on my own full-stack machine learning project. In essence, getting skin in the game.

It'll come towards the back end of the year (I'm finishing the above-mentioned project first).

I plan on making YouTube videos and writing articles about the process as well as streaming much of the creation on Twitch.

The end goal will be to have a fully operational machine learning-powered application someone can access and use. I'll be using funds I've earned from my courses and other works to finance it.

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Last update:  27 Jul 2021