What I'm doing now.

Last update:  21 December 2022 from Tangalooma, Moreton Island

Launching the paperback version of my novel Charlie Walks

After almost a year since the digital version came out, the paperback version of my novel Charlie Walks is now available for purchase worldwide!

The quality is fantastic!

You can order yourself a copy at

And there's a fun launch video to go along with it:

Launching a new PyTorch course

The Zero to Mastery PyTorch course is out!

With 200+ videos of hands-on PyTorch code, it's the most fun place on the internet to learn PyTorch.

We'll start with the fundamentals of PyTorch and deep learning, go through PyTorch workflows, use state-of-the-art machine learning models, and replicate machine learning research papers and more.

If you're a beginner looking to get into machine learning by learning the machine learning framework that researchers love most, you'll love this course.

Check out the full course contents at the following resources:

Nutrify: take a photo of food and learn about it

I'm combining my love for machine learning and food into an app.

So far you can head to and take a photo of food and Nutrify will recognize what's in the photo.

It can recognize 100 foods right now and will stay there for a while whilst I work out all the MLOps steps around it.

It's my first full-stack machine learning app (from data collection to deployment) and I'm loving it.

The next update will be to have the image recognition class trigger a call to a database to showcase some information about the target food (e.g. a photo of an apple returns the nutrition information for an apple).

The end goal will be to have a fully operational machine learning-powered application someone can access and use to learn more about food.

I'll be using funds I've earned from my courses and other works to finance it.

You can find the project code on GitHub.

Buying a house

My brother and I bought a house together.

We moved in just over a week ago.

A few years ago I said I wouldn't buy a house for a while.

But that changed when I realised owning land is an exciting responsibility.

We're having a big housewarming party on Friday.

I've said to my partner I'm looking forward to hosting big family dinners.

The kind of dinners where people say, "are you going to Bourkey's place?".

The first Wednesday of every month sounds like a good date.

A few big things

I said to myself for 2022 I'd like to work on a few big things.

  • ✅ Buy a house – moved in on April 29 2022!
  • ✅ A new PyTorch course – launched 06 Jul 2022!
  • ✅ Charlie Walks paperbacks printed and available for online purchase – launched November 11 2022!
  • Make Nutrify an app I'd like to use (in progress)

Now as I update this page, I realise it's all coming together.