If you're looking for my AI Masters Degree, it's here: dbourke.link/aimastersdegree

What I'm working on

  • 2 larger projects I'm not ready to share yet. When they're out, you'll know.
  • Moving my website from Squarespace to Ghost. Most of the foundation has been done but there will be some broken links to my older posts. If you do find one, please let me know.
  • Preparing for my next Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fight on October 13th. I'm entered in the gi and no gi -70kg division. I weighed in this morning at 71.9kg which means I've got 1.9kg to lose. Easy.

Experiments I'm trying

  • More of nothing. I went to a wedding last weekend and turned off my phone for 3 days. I'm trying to reset my brains need for constant stimulation. I've got a few things I want to work on and do well, the rest is unnecessary.
  • Eating less often. The last week I've eaten 2 meals per day. Once just after lunch. The other dinner. No snacks in between. The main goal is to reduce glucose spikes and maintain a constant flow of energy.

What I'm reading

  • Genius Foods by Max Lugavere – Food is my life. My days are broken up into to segments of looking forward to the next meal. Genius Foods dives into the science behind how different foods influence brain health. I haven't been reading it in order, jumping back and forth between different sections instead.
  • Derek Siver's daily blog – I'm so glad Derek has started sharing little daily posts. You should read them. I've learned a lot from him.

Last update: 1 October 2019