What I'm working on

  1. NEW – A machine learning course! One of the questions I get asked most often is "I want to learn machine learning, where should I start?". And most of the time I'd reply back with a list of resources. This time I'm building my own. Over the past couple of months I've been designing it alongside Andrei Neagoie, one of the highest rated instructors on Udemy. The good news is, it's live and ready to go. If you're new to machine learning, the Complete Machine Learning and Data Science: Zero to Mastery workshop is for you. Since it's new, there's a promotion going for the first 5 days.

2. Another project I'm not ready to share yet.

Experiments I'm trying

  • Working out less. Less but better. 3-4 BJJ sessions per week, 2-3 weight sessions per week and plenty of walking/mobility, that's it. Maybe it's still too much. I'll write more about this soon.

What I'm reading

I lost my Kindle recently. So reading has been from pure physical books. And I love it.

  • Antifragile by Nassim Taleb – One of the best books of all time. I can literally feel myself getting smarter after reading this. If you're wondering what antifragile means, it's the opposite of fragile. A fragile object gets damaged from chaos, an antifragile object does the opposite, it improves from chaos. That's the state you want to strive for, in life, business, health. Notice how the human body improves after a little stress (muscles get larger after lifting weights). If you choose to read anything this year, make it Antifragile. I plan on taking down the entire Incerto series by Taleb.
  • Alchemy: The dark art and curious science of creating magic in brands, business and life by Rory Sutherland – How's that for a subtitle? The author is the chairman of Ogilvy (one of the worlds leading advertising agencies). Books by admen are some of my favourites. Why? Because they focus on communication. They ask the question, "How can we get the message across?". And even before that, "What is the message we're trying to get across?". This book dives into stories which exemplify how the logical reason isn't always the right reason. For example, do aeroplane passengers care more about whether the plane they're on is the latest and greatest model? Or whether it has WiFi or not?

Last update: 18 January 2019