I teach machine learning

If you're a beginner and want to get started with machine learning, I offer three courses.

All are through the Zero to Mastery Academy and are taught in apprenticeship style. Meaning, throughout the videos, I (or Andrei, my teaching partner) write code, you write code.

  1. Zero to Mastery Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp is for complete beginners and has zero prerequisites. Meaning, if you've never written code before, you're in the right place. The course will take you from zero code to writing Python (the most popular machine learning programming language) machine learning code across 40+ hours of video.
  2. Zero to Mastery TensorFlow for Deep Learning is a follow-on from the first and specifically focuses on deep learning, a subset of machine learning achieving outstanding results in many fields. This course packs 60+ hours of video to take you from having a little experience with Python machine learning code to replicating state-of-the-art deep learning research papers.
  3. Zero to Mastery PyTorch for Deep Learning is for anyone with some experience writing Python code and wanting to learn about machine learning and deep learning code-first. We'll go through important machine learning concepts by writing PyTorch code. And since PyTorch is the most used framework for machine learning research, knowing how to read and write it means you'll be right at the cutting edge of the field.

For more on each, check out their specific pages (linked above).

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The machine learning course is beginner-friendly and has no prerequisites.

The TensorFlow and PyTorch courses are a little more advanced and require some machine learning knowledge (if you're completely new, I'd recommend Zero to Mastery Data Science and Machine Learning course first).

And if you have any questions, feel free to email me.


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