I make YouTube videos and write daily about the crossover of health, technology and art. It's how I make a living.

My mission is to use AI to help people move more and eat better.

My ikigai (Japanese word for ‘reason for being’) is learning to create and creating to learn.

Why Eat, Move, Learn, Make? These are the things I like doing most.

I've been a machine learning engineer at Max Kelsen, Uber Driver, Genius at Apple, fitness coach and men's physique competitor in that order.

In 2017, I decided to start teaching myself to code, with a focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence via my self-created Artificial Intelligence Masters Degree.

My writing is available on Medium, Quora and here.

Every month or so, I send out a newsletter detailing my work.

Making and movement are two non-negotiable daily rituals for me.

@mrdbourke is my handle on Twitter.


Brisbane has been my home town my whole life, I love it here.

Here's what I'm up to now.