$150 million

There's a lottery in my country tonight. It's the biggest ever. $150 million tax-free. All the news outlets are talking about it. All the TV channels.

We talked about it at the dinner table. Asked the question, what would you do with the money?

I thought about it.

There wasn't much.

My family would get most of it. I'd take care of my closest friends. We'd go out for dinner and have a banquet or two or three.

I'd get the door handle fixed in my car. And I'd have an unlimited supply of almond butter. That's it for me. I've got everything else I need.

I'm not interested in handouts. I prefer working for things I want.

This is my equilibrium. I'm a joker if I think otherwise. Give me a cup of coffee, some almond butter, a notepad and a pen and I'm done. What about working out? I've got gravity for that. What if I get hungry after the almond butter is gone? Good. I can practice fasting. I can make friends with someone and write them a story in exchange for a meal.

Money isn't what I'm after, wealth is.

Wealth is having enough to support those closest to you and work on the things you want to work on. Wealth is being able to make your own choices. To be able to make your own memories.