A good tired

A good tired

It’s getting warmer. Getting up early is getting easier. The sun is up, you can walk out the front, feel it on your chest, feel the energy.

I love the heat. I love this time of year. People say how hot it is, I tell them how much I love it they say how do you do it.

You get outside, go for walks, sometimes two, sometimes three in a day, read, learn, write, create, move, spend time with loved ones. It’s that time of year.

Dinner comes and everyone is around the table, talking about what’s happening next year, getting excited about the season.

Michael calls and I tell I wrote in my journal. Let the record show, I’m excited. He asks what for, I said I couldn’t help it. I walked in the other day. Felt the energy and realised how excited I was to be here.

The day goes by. Full of it all. By the time bed time rolls around you’re ready for it, you’re tired, a good tired. You lay down stare at the ceiling, think to yourself, today was a good day.