A guest of it all

A guest of it all

We’re all on tour here. All guests of life. It goes fast but it’s the longest thing you’ll do.

The ones who make the most of it have fun being themselves. You can tell who they are. They’re the ones who walk into a room and light it up, the ones who enjoy their own company, the ones who give you that little feeling in your stomach when you’re around them.

This doesn’t mean they’re the loudest, doesn’t mean they’re the ones in the spotlight, they’re the ones who are driven by their own curiosity. The ones who’ve dared to dance towards their dreams rather than only considering what they need to survive.

I’ve always admired people who have the courage to start a new life.

The ones who understand a ship isn’t guided by its wake.

A post office clerk turned writer.

A businessman turned DJ.

A lawyer turned woodworker.

You’ve heard the stories. The best thing is you can be both at the same time.

I heard a story of an author who wrote a bestseller whilst working shift work at the power plant.

You’re not after the bestseller though. You’re after the electric feeling making something gives you. You’re after the feeling you get when you’re so immersed in something you forget you’re alive.

There’s a reason time flies when you’re having fun. You’re being yourself.

The good news is we’re not only guests of life but hosts too.

And what does a good host never forget to do?