Alone but not lonely

Alone but not lonely

In 2016, I went to Japan alone for 3 weeks.

I flew into Tokyo with only a couple of nights accommodation booked.

As I walked around, looking at different things, I let my thoughts wonder as much my feet.

Every few nights I’d book into a new place.

The first thing I did somewhere new was go for a long walk. Saying hello to people as we past each other.

In the hostels I met Adam, then Miguel, then Lachlan, then Katherine. Each of them were travelling on their own.

Before I went, travelling alone seemed unusual for me. What if I get lonely? What if I get bored? What about sharing my trip with others?

As I got into it, all of these thoughts went away. By the time I came home, I said to myself, this is how I want to do it, this is how I want to travel from now on. No plans, plenty of walking around.

Meeting others was plenty of fun. We made stories we’ll be able to share for years.

Despite this, my favourite thing is I learned I could be on my own but not lonely. I learned I could be my own best company.

It took me a trip to another hemisphere to realise. Was it necessary? Probably not. But it’s likely it would’ve taken me a little while longer to find out whilst I doing the same things I always did. Some of my biggest lessons have come from being alone in an unusual situation.

You might be the same.