Approach Your Art Like a Professional Golfer

Approach Your Art Like a Professional Golfer

How often do you see someone get a hole in one?

Professional golfers only land 1 in 2500 holes on the first shot. For an amateur, it’s more like 1 in 12500.

You should treat your artworks the same. It will rarely be a hit on the first try. Even if you’re a professional.

It will take some refining. A real professional knows the art is in the edit.

For writers, the first draft is always bad. And bad is the nice way of putting it.

For filmmakers, the first cut always looks out of place.

For music producers, the first version of a track is hardly ever a chart topper.

But to make the first of anything takes courage. A willingness to put something out into the world that might not work.

An amateur stops if the first version isn’t a hole in one. A professional knows they have to take at least another 2499 shots, maybe more.

What’s more important than trying to nail it in one go is trying to improve it on the next.

Let the first version be bad.

Don’t worry. You’ll go back over it. Again and again. And you’ll make it better. 2499 more times.