That’s one of my filters. When I’m reading something or learning a new concept. I want to be able to use it within the next 12-hours.

Why the next 12-hours?

Because that means the concept has to be simple. If it can’t be used within the next 12-hours, it’s too complex.

The day is the lowest significant unit of time we have. I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow, let alone, 1, 5, 10-years from now.

There’s exceptions to the rule. Some things you learn today don’t pop up until years later. But I’m not in the business of trying to control that.

I’m in the business of trying to control what I do today (whilst knowing most of it is out of my hands).

Continually forget to focus on today and you could go a lifetime without realising what’s right here.

I want my creations to follow the same filter.

Can someone use this within the next 12-hours?

Does it educate?

Does it entertain?

Does it do both? (bonus points)