Copy until you have your own style

Copy until you have your own style

When you start your creative work will suck. Why? Because you won’t have your own style yet.

And that’s okay. What you can do is copy others until you do.

Take the works which impress you most and replicate them. You can even start to add your own twist as you go.

Have a movie you like?

Take one of your favourite lines from it and expand it into a story.

See someone with a business idea you thought was incredible?

Try it out in your own business.

Read a great article which had a killer paragraph somewhere towards the end?

Copy it out word for word, then rewrite it in your own voice. How would it sound if you had to explain it to someone else without reading it again? Write it like that.

Developing your own style takes time. It takes practice. It means making things you think are terrible but at the same time have the potential to bring others immense joy. What's obvious to you may be amazing to someone else.

The trick is being your own harshest critique and biggest fan at the same time.

No one is going to care as much about your work as you, that’s why you need to be the one to improve it.

At the same time, no one is going to be as proud of the things you make as you, that’s why you’ve got to be the one cheering yourself on.

I used to see the work of others and get jealous. Jealous mine wasn’t that good. Silly. I should’ve used it as inspiration. Inspiration to make my own work better.

Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 10. You're writing your own story book, it wouldn’t make much sense if the punchline crossed over with the hero form someone else’s story.

Whilst you’re figuring out the plot of your own narrative, it’s okay to steal someone else’s, copy your favourites, combine them all and then sprinkle in a little of your own song.

And when you do end up finding your own style, expect others to do the same with your work.