Creating dangerously

Painting of a monkey painting on an easel.
The Monkey Painter, Chardin, 1943.

The artist connects heaven and Earth.

Brings together opposing forces.

Shines light on dark areas and throws shade on areas shining too bright.

Puts their neck on the line, disagreeing with many at the cost of sharing their point of view.

It is the role of the artist to create dangerously.

The same piece making some cry and others laugh.

Those are the kind of works I most enjoy.

Those are the kinds of people I most look up to.

The ones who create dangerously.

Such a skill cannot be taught.

To try and teach such a thing would result in the teacher forfeiting their own skill to do so.

In the modern world, creating dangerously means figuring out your point of view in a sea of others.

Creating is counter to the modern narrative of buying at all costs.

If only people shopped more all of our problems would be solved!


Imagine for a single day you created at all costs, how different would your day look?

How do you teach such courage?

Wrong question.

How do you acquire such courage?

By taking risks, making bets, trying more things that might not work, challenging fear, digging into it, learning where it comes from.

Because when a fear is known, it stops being a fear.

And when one fear gets found it, others come out of hiding with it.

I thought my theme for 2022 (and far beyond) would be to create dangerously.

Then I laughed at myself.

Lighten up son.

Creating dangerously cannot be achieved by going straight for it.

Sure you could try to create something wild.

And hell you might succeed here and there.

Eventually things balance out and you’ll find the more you try, the more you chase your own tail.

To have a theme of creating dangerously is not creating dangerously.

To create at all is to create dangerously.

Because by definition creating means bringing something out of nothing.

Is that not the current running theory for how we all got here?

Something out of nothing.

What fun!

Who knows what could happen!

Creating may mean producing a piece like this.

Or singing a song bouncing around in your head.

Or bringing forth a whole universe.

All different forms of the same thing.

The laws of relativity play no part in creating.

To sing a song, dance a dance, paint a painting or invent any form of technology first requires creating a whole universe.

And if that’s the case, that means to create a whole universe, you need to create everything in it too.

What a terrific responsibility.

Good luck artists.