Curiosity is a skill

If anyone takes away your curiosity or eagerness for life, avoid them.

Be as curious as you want about anything and everything.

Curiousity is a skill which peaks in childhood and slowly dies off. But it doesn’t have to.

Seeing curiosity as a skill means you can practice it. Ho, ho, yes you can. What fun!

Remember running up and down the street for hours whilst you learned to skateboard?

Remember sitting in a pile of your own mess whilst you crafted a sandcastle worthy of rivalling the Taj Mahal (at least in your eyes)?

Bring that back.

What a world that would be to live in! Surrounding yourself with curious people. Curious people are the most beautiful people I know.

Don’t know any?

No problem. You can lead the pack.

The best thing?

Curiosity requires no qualifications, only a willingness to learn.