Curious about the world

Curious about the world

Jack’s here. He’s 10. He reminds me of me. Hanging around with the older people, asking them questions, seeing how things are done.

I’m a few years older now but I still remember what it was like when I was 10.

I know how Jack feels.

You’ve figured some things out but you’re still curious about what the adults are doing.

I’m what Jack would call an adult.

I was writing the other day and he asked me, why are you doing work?

I told him, I’m not working, I’m writing.

But isn’t that work?

I told him I enjoyed writing so I didn’t see it as work.

He said me too. Then asked why I write.

I told him, when I write I get to try and figure out the world, I try to turn the stories in my head into words.

Want to go for a swim?


I packed it up.

Thought, I’m older now. But still more curious about the world than ever. And then I realised.

I’ve got a job here.

Jack’s gonna be looking up to me.

Better pretend like I know what’s happening.