Don’t become a prisoner to yourself

Don’t become a prisoner to yourself

More often than not, the only thing holding you back from where you want to go, is you.

An old way of thinking preventing a new one from happening.

Worried about what others might think if you do something differently to how you’ve always done things.

When I started to work for myself, the first thing I did was apply for another job. The old me was holding back the new me. Now I’ve done it for a few months, I can never imagine doing anything else.

When I started to teach myself things online, the first thing I did was look for how to get a certificate to prove I had skill. People would ask, "do you get a piece of paper for that?". That’s how it worked in school. Instead, I should’ve worked on projects which showed I had the skills.

As you grow, so will the way you see the world. Don’t let the old you hold back the new you. A ship isn’t guided by its wake.