Every day for a year

Every day for a year

When you make it visual, you’ve got no choice. You can see it. It’s right there. You know if you miss it, the chain will break.

It’s about to be a new year. And that’s exciting.

Maybe tomorrow is a good day to start something. Something small every day. Perhaps for the whole year.

For me it was creating every day. Writing every day. A blog post every day for a year. On January 1 2019, the chain started. Every day a post went up, every day the words hit the page, the chain got longer.

It’s taught me a lot. I could write one of those lists. But often there’s one most important point.

The takeaway here is breaking down walls. Committing to something every day means there’s not enough time to make it perfect. It has to go out, good or not. If not, the chain stops. And that wasn’t an option.

Don’t break the chain poster with a 365 day long chain
A 365 day long chain. From January 1 2019 to December 31 2019, writing every day, creating every day. You can get your own poster (free) from the Writer's Store.

I chose to make the switch from consuming to creating, and this was one of the ways I used to cement it. Now I’ve got no choice. All I think about is making.

The Don’t Break The Chain poster has lived on my wall for the past year. I’m going to leave it there as a reminder. A reminder that with persistence, you’re capable of creating something, something you once thought might be out of your reach.

And if you’re thinking of starting something new, or continuing something you already enjoy, now’s a good time to start a new chain.

And if you’ve read my posts over the past year. Thanks for tuning in. There’s plenty more to come.

Happy New Year.