Getting back to nature: competition and the mistake

Getting back to nature: competition and the mistake

Nature has created everything you see around you using two tools, competition and the mistake. Despite this, it is common practice to want to try and remove these tools from your life.

But you know how it goes when any system works against nature. It doesn’t last long and usually suffers death by implosion.

Notice what happens to a human adult who becomes trapped in life. By trapped, I’m talking about a lack of competition or mistake making. They’ll be able to survive, sure, the human body has a remarkable ability to continue surviving. But surviving isn’t the same as living. I’ve met 25-year-olds who are already dead. You can see it in their eyes, hear it in their voice. Their souls are suppressed.


Because they're working against nature. Their lives are devoid of competition. And mistake making went out the window when they accepted their first uniform wearing role after finishing structured education.

I know this because I was stuck in this loop. Get up, follow the trends, read the headlines, listen to how things are supposed to be done, agree with the people who complain about what’s happening, avoid standing too far off in the other direction. Think for myself? No chance.

Am I free now? Of course not. These mental models run deep. But I’m getting better at reminding myself of how to avoid falling victim. If I had my time again, I would’ve started listening to myself far sooner.

When you listen to yourself, your natural instincts, sure the payoffs might not end up as large, you might not make as much money, you might not have as big a house but these things are only surface level. If you want proof, why do billionaires still commit suicide?

Listening to yourself works in reverse to how you would usually think about energy expenditure. When you listen to yourself and act accordingly, life becomes play. Rather than the typical energy drag of work, you finish a day with more energy than you started. And when you do eventually fall asleep, a dream doesn’t have to take place because you’re already living one.

This is what nature intended. And it has spent billions of years crafting the tools for it. It’s no coincidence, every time I spend a considerable mount of time ignoring them, I develop a continuous low level urge to vomit (a gut feeling in reverse).