Go First

An easy way to never say “I wish I did…” again

Go First

I turned 24 last year and listed out all of the golden rules I operate by.

But the one I’ve been having the most fun with lately is: Go first.

  • When you’re walking along the footpath and lock eyes with someone, smile first.
  • Entering a coffee shop in the morning, say good morning to the staff. If you know their names, use them. Names are always better than a standard hello.
  • Retail store clerk notices you walking around the store. How’s your day going? Instead of awkwardly avoiding them.
  • Ate a nice meal? Personally go up to the chefs/restaurant staff and thank them for their services instead of being ushered out with a smile.
  • Getting in an Uber? The driver has probably started the conversation with the last 20 passengers. Change their day.
  • Want to hang out with someone you like but worried about sending the first text? Send it anyway.
  • No one on the dance floor? Start it.
  • Everyone else shy to offer an answer in class? Do your best.
  • Holding in a laugh because no one else is laughing? You better start LOL’ing.
  • Two guys playing accordion in horse masks? Be the first to tip them.

Every time I walk away from a situation I wish I’d done something, I’ve felt like shit.

Every time I go first it opens up a whole other world.

Remove the prehistoric instinct to hesitate (except when crossing the road).

Don’t be the bitch of your own mind.

Even if it backfires, it makes for a far better story.