“How do you deal with loneliness while studying?”

I stop studying. I go and talk to people. I get out in nature, I write, I read. I sit and do nothing.

You’re never alone with the blank page. Whilst I write these lines I’m sitting on my balcony alone. Feeling the wind in my hair. Letting my thoughts hit the page. It’s like I’m going for a walk in nature except the taps of the keyboard are my feet and the inner linings of my brain have replaced the trees and birds.

You’re never alone with a good book. If it’s done well it's like having a good friend sit next to you and tell you a good story.

Screen time almost always ensures loneliness for me. So to counteract it I have an exceptional amount of no screen time.

However, periods of loneliness are required to create art. How well do you work with someone looking over your shoulder? Pushing and prodding and critiquing everything you do.

Yes, it works both ways, the supervisor making sure things get done and the fire in your belly letting itself burn whilst no one’s around.

If you must study, make friends with the problem you’re studying. It's much easier to work with someone you like than someone you don't.

Though to rid yourself of the feeling of loneliness forever, become your own best company. Get comfortable doing nothing except being with yourself. And then enjoy the fact you’re doing what not many others can do.