I realised this shit it isn’t a race

I realised this shit it isn’t a race

Coconut sunscreen reminds me of the island we go to every year. I put some on and was taken back. Transported to the beach. Running around on the sand. Feeling the heat.

Good times. Good fucking times.

Being there makes me feel good. Thinking of it makes me feel good.

Then I realised.

How fortunate I am not have to wait a second to feel that feeling.

If I want to enjoy now I can.

Every time I forget. Every time I think I’m in a race. Trying to get somewhere by a certain time. I lose the feeling.

Except it’s not a race. There’s no finish line. The journey is infinite.

Right now is infinite.

I’m not trying to get there. I’m already here.

I’m in my own lane. And I love it.