A date-sorted collection of podcasts, talks and interviews I've participated in. If you've got a podcast or blog and would like to chat, let me know.

Interview status: Unavailable as of August 2020.


Ken Jee

The amazing Ken Jee and I went back to back interviewing each other. I asked Ken questions like what does he look for in a junior data science (he's the head of data science at his company and conducts interviews for new hires). And he asked me questions about how I went from Uber driver to machine learning engineer.

Balance the grind

Really fun text-based interview on how I manage work/life balance.

Nitesh and the data nerds podcast

Questions on my first machine learning course, how I got started in the field of machine learning, how I setup my days and more.

Chai-time Data Science with Sanyam Bhutani

Great conversation with Sanyam Bhutani about getting started with data science, building a machine learning course, learning how to learn and more.

Artists of Data Science with Harpreet Shaota

Great chat with Harpreet about how I mix art, science and health.