A date-sorted collection of podcasts, talks and interviews I've participated in. If you've got a podcast or blog and would like to chat, let me know.

Interview status: Unavailable as of December 2021.


December 9 – The Danny Miranda Podcast

Round 2! Just over a year since my first appearance on the show. And a lot can happen in a year.

We talked about what it's like writing novel (discussing my first novel Charlie Walks), reaching 100k subscribers on YouTube, what I've learned from working on a farm, how East and West philosophy interact and much more.


December 16 – Shaik Asad

Shaik and I first met back in 2017. When he was a 15-year-old studying artificial intelligence online. His studies inspired me to keep going with my own like nothing else. We've kept in touch ever since through our passion of learning to create our own paths.

On Shaik's show, we talk about long-form vs short-form content (why I prefer longer-form), creation vs consumption, free vs paid education online, deadly Australian aniamls, Brazilian Jiu Jistu and at the end I perform a live (and very nerdy) rap.

Danny Miranda

I can't remember how I found Danny's work but I was a fan straight away. I loved the simplicity of it. Show up and make something. From his experiments with meditation to writing to movement to reading to learning. Reading his blog I was dealth with a heavy dose of confirmation bias. We had a conversation about writing, creating and how I view the world through a playful lens.

Ken Jee

The amazing Ken Jee and I went back to back interviewing each other. I asked Ken questions like what does he look for in a junior data science (he's the head of data science at his company and conducts interviews for new hires). And he asked me questions about how I went from Uber driver to machine learning engineer.

Balance the grind

Really fun text-based interview on how I manage work/life balance.

Nitesh and the data nerds podcast

Questions on my first machine learning course, how I got started in the field of machine learning, how I setup my days and more.

Chai-time Data Science with Sanyam Bhutani

Great conversation with Sanyam Bhutani about getting started with data science, building a machine learning course, learning how to learn and more.

Artists of Data Science with Harpreet Shaota

Great chat with Harpreet about how I mix art, science and health.