“I’m not sure where to start”

“I’m not sure where to start”

We were sitting at the dinner table and my little brother, Sam, starts speaking. He says he’s not sure where to start.

Then he keeps going.

“I’m not sure where to start, so I’m just making whatever I can think of.”

I tell him.

“That’s the best way to get going, because the secret is there is no best place to start.”

He’s getting into photography. He’s more than into it. He’s been taking photos every day for months, sharing them online. Now he wants to make videos about how he’s learning how to take photos. I’ve used his photos on my YouTube thumbnails. In my eyes, he’s a photographer.

That’s how you get started. You are what you repeatedly do.

Someone on the boat yesterday told me they’d love to do what I do, make videos, write and the rest. But they said there’s no money in what they’re into. I kept listening.

A younger version of me would’ve told them to get after it even if there was no money. The older me realises money helps. It buys food, it buys shelter, it supports a family. A man should take care of family.

So there’s a divide. Sam’s making no money at the moment. When I started creating I didn’t make any money either. Now I do. But it’s because I went through the apprenticeship. I improved my skills. Offered value to others. Got to a point where people wanted to pay me for my work.

That’s your opportunity. It’s the same with the person on the boat. Saying what they’re into has no money is another reason they’re holding themselves back. I did it. Did it for far too long.

Start where you are. Get good enough at something. Then share your art, share your work with the world. When you want to create, there’s only one criteria. Make it quality.

Still not sure?

Make the things you’d like to see in the world.

Every day 350,000 people start their journey. They come into the world and get going without any idea of what’s ahead of them. What an exciting time.

Maybe today could be one of those days for you.

And to Sam, I can't wait to see what come up with.