It all works out

It all works out

Walking past older people and saying hello, talking to my Grandfather, seeing elderly couples at the cafe. I enjoy these moments.

They remind me of where I’m heading. If I’m lucky I’ll get to that age. And I’m lucky enough to be here already so I’m going to assume I do.

The exciting thing is I’ve got 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 decades to roam around, have fun, learn, love, make things, experience, endure, laugh, cry.

But the best thing these moments give me?

They’re proof.

Proof it all works out.

All the troubles you face today, they’ll always be there in one form or another, all the things you think today, they’ll change over time. And you know what? If you’re lucky, you’ll still be here. More years, more wisdom and as long as you get out there and make them, more stories to tell.