Knowledge of absence

Knowledge of absence

The best knowledge is knowledge of absence. What doesn’t work. However, knowing what doesn’t work comes with no rewards.

For everything that is known to work, there are 100 things which don’t (made up number, ratio likely higher).

The thing is, knowing what doesn’t work is required for knowing what does. The caveat here is one isn’t rewarded. You have to remind yourself, although of paramount importance, even if you know what doesn’t work, you won’t be rewarded.

Knowing this, it becomes a given: If you don’t know where to start, figure out what doesn’t work.

Get it wrong 100 times before expecting to get it right. This pattern happens over and over again. It’s evolution, it’s learning, it’s adaptation. Whatever skill you’re after, you’ll fail 100 times before you get it correct.

The one who succeeds is the one who has tried the most, found out what doesn’t work, reflected on it and changed course accordingly.