Long gamma

Long gamma

I learned a new phrase today.

Long gamma. It’s from the book Antifragile (you should read it).

It was used in the quote, “Life is long gamma.”

In non-jargon terms, “long” means “benefits from” and “gamma” means nonlinearity. In other words, “long gamma” means “benefits from volatility and variability”.

To me, this means, continually challenging your idea of how things should be. Anything outside of mathematical proof is questionable.

All the ways you’ve been taught how to think in school, all the world views given to you by others, all the routines you’ve created for yourself to belong, all the reasons (excuses) you’ve given yourself to hold back, all the safety you’ve been seeking, do they help?

If not, if life is long gamma, it’s never too late to change it up.