No competition

Set the system up so you always win.

No competition

The games of life reveal themselves everywhere, business, dating, wealth, status, relationships, health, politics.

And how much I love to play them!

But of course, the games are fun until you realise you’re part of the game. A scenario where you don’t control the rules.

Do I stop playing?

No no no. Where would the fun be then? I create my own game. Yes, my own. One where there’s no competition. Me vs. me.

I’m aware competition is healthy. I’m no stranger to losing! I’ve lost in spectacular fashion. Choked out so hard in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition I developed a haemorrhoid.

But losing, viewed from the right angle, nourishes the soul.

Whenever I lose I recite myself the trite saying: no loses only lessons. And I believe it!

Now where were we?

Yes, no competition.

What a way to adventure through life. So much time and effort dedicated towards wondering what the other is doing. And for what?

In business, you worry about what your competition is doing and you start to become them, everything becomes the same! All of a sudden we have companies whose aesthetics start to converge, their language contains the same words. Who am I buying this from? I don’t know anymore.

In dating, oh such a fun one, yes yes yes. I’ve been caught up in this one plenty of times. You become interested in someone, so much so you may even want to continue seeing them, an exciting time indeed. But right at this moment, the moment of peak interest is also the moment you’ll start to experience peak worry. But what if I’m not good enough? But what if she’s not interested? Or God forbid, she’s interested in someone else!

Valid fears my son, but not for someone like yourself. Not for someone like me, someone like me who’s decided to walk through life with no competition.

A person with no competition never fears whether or not their lover may have an interest in someone else. Because there is no option! You’ve got no competition. And even if your lover's interest began to spark elsewhere, you know, oh yes you know, you know another will reveal themselves. Do I get sad when this happens? Yes. But then I realise: love wins.

The same pattern can be drawn elsewhere.

Wealth, status, hierarchies, you name it, in any situation where I find myself in competition with others, I ask myself, do I need to compete here?

Why am I even bothering to compete in the first place?

Participating in competition, any competition, gives me the chance to lose! And as we’ve discussed, I’m no stranger to losing but I’m smarter now, therefore, why would I take such a gamble?

Okay, okay, you got me. Losing is inevitable yes. But choosing your exposure to losses? What a superpower!

Fine, I’ll get specific: play the games other people play, get the rewards other people get.

If that’s what you’re after, then good luck to you my friend.

Who knows, Mother Nature may decide it’s time for me to leave the game right now! Or in 10-minutes walking across the street to my car a bus may decide to take me head on. And to that, I understand, such decisions must be made.

But in the meantime I know what I’d rather do.

Oh yes, I do I do I do.

I’d rather set the system up so I always win!


No thank you, that’s for losers.

  • Business — I’ll get paid for leisure and work for free! It’s not about money. Money is a byproduct of winning. Just win. Win and help win.
  • Dating — come on an adventure with me my dear! Not interested? No troubles. No convincing here. Salutations.
  • Art — create beauty for its own sake, no questions, you must create beauty. Beauty has no competition.
  • Wealth — a continual moving target, the extremes seem to be where it’s at, either own nothing and live in the mountains or take the ride and have enough not to worry about what things cost. Either way, stay hungry.
  • Health — increase your heart rate, challenge your bones! Balance feasting with fasting. Develop muscles worthy of being on a statue.
  • Status — avoid at all costs, fear no one, respect everyone (until proven otherwise).

Photo by Frida Bredesen on Unsplash