No Eggs On Toast

No Eggs On Toast

If you’re ever in Melbourne (or Paris), you should visit Hardware Societe.

I found them because of a book I picked up in a cafe at the markets. The book was pink with big green letters across the front spelling out NO EGGS ON TOAST.

As I flipped through the pages I learned about how the founders wanted to approach breakfast and brunch differently. Instead of the usual, eggs and toast, they asked what else is there?

So they baked it into their motto. No eggs on toast. They removed half the equation and went from there. The book goes on to detail 36 alternative recipes to eggs on toast.

Did they have to?

No. They could’ve done what everyone else was doing and said yes to what people were used to.

Instead, they decided to constrain themselves. Start with less and see what you can come up with. And it worked.

When I went there, the cafe was packed. It’s the kind of place you’d tell your friends about. It’s the kind of place you’d take someone if you were a local and they were from out of town. It’s the kind of place you write about.

Does it always work out?

Of course not.

But the professional is aware of that.

The professional says give me constraints and I’ll make something with it.

The professional says I’m going over here and doing this, you’re welcome to come, but if not, I’ll see you on the other side.

If you want your work to be noticed, instead of starting with more, try taking away.