No explanations

No explanations

That’s rule number 1. When you want to learn something new, when you want to create something new, you’ll hold yourself back.


Because that’s what you’re searching for. A reason why. A reason you can give to someone about why you’re doing what you’re doing.

There doesn’t have to be one.

The barrier to entry to creating is smaller than it’s ever being. In the past, you needed a pile of money to start a business.

Now you need an internet connection and perseverance.

Instead of a lack of money holding you back, it’s fear. Fear of what others will think. Fear of whether it will work out or not.

How do I know?

I faced the same fears. I still do.

When I wanted to start making videos online about whatever I wanted, how would I explain that to someone?

When I wanted to start learning machine learning, what would I tell people?

When I wanted to start writing, who will read it?

Now I’ve had some practice. I make videos, I started learning machine learning, posted an article every day for over a year.

I realised.

If you want to make something, make it. There doesn’t have to be an explanation.