One last walk

One last walk

From walking along the desks at school

Everyone looking on

There’s a dog in the classroom

What’s a dog doing here?

Soon enough everyone starts to enjoy it

Good dogs do their own thing

Play, walk, eat, sleep, shit


Conan was a good dog

Black and fluffy in the Winter

Black and hairless in the Summer

Love all year round

There was the time he nearly dragged us down the hill

Standing up the top and that’s when he saw

Saw the the other dog walking along below

Hold him?

Not a chance

He was off

And I went with him

Lucky the tree was there

To stop us

Otherwise we would’ve been done

15-years goes by

Eyesight leaves, hearing goes

But the postman still gets an earful

One last time.

I hope the foods as good up there

Rest In Peace Conan