Quantity vs. quality

A tennis ball is smaller than the Earth but yet no less round.

four pictures in a row starting with an atom then a human eye then a tennis ball then the earth

A tricky narrative to get caught up in is more.

Hell, I’m there multiple times per day week month year.

I might even be there now.

More more more.


Because there’s always more.

But that’s from a quantity perspective.

From a quality point of view, more isn’t always better.

If you love your friends, would having 10,000 more friends be better?

Three or four is enough.

Sleep feels good but sleeping 24 per day?

No thank you.

Take a tennis ball and the Earth.

One far larger than the other.

How about roundness?

Both are as round as each other.

What about the quality of fun they offer?

I’ve spent hours playing with my friends using just a tennis ball.

Throw a tennis ball in the direction of an excitable dog.

Watch what happens.

Is the quality of roundness offered by a tennis ball any different to what the Earth offers with its roundness?

I used to think so.

Not anymore.

The human body, what a terrific system.

Sometimes I sit and try to imagine the goings-on in a single body at any given time…

What a dance!

Cells moving up and down, splitting in two three four five a million.

Heart beating, blood pumping, eyes seeing ears hearing lungs breathing.

All without a gram of thought.


The same with the universe itself, larger in size than a human body, sure.

But in quality of goings-on?

I don’t think so.

From a quality point of view, fractals are everywhere.

A fractal is an object comprised of smaller versions of itself.

An atom to an eyeball to a tennis ball to the Earth.

A single cell to an organ to a human body to the entire universe.

All different quantities yes yes yes.

But quality wise…


Such an idea helps when thinking of one’s self as not important or continually trying to derive meaning from more.

Quantity can always increase.

The well of more forever deep.

Keep shoveling son, there’s plenty more where that came from!

So the change the point of view.

Peek through the lens of quality.

What a picture.