Rejection letter for the AI Grant

My brother and I got rejected from applying to the AI Grant with Nutrify the other day.

Of course I'm disappointed.

I would've really liked the $250k cash and $250k compute credits!

I even put the application notice on the fridge!

But no troubles.

And fair because it's still well and truly a work-in-progress.

It’s just another reason to double down.

Something inside me wanted it and something inside me didn’t.

Is my ego so big I can’t take grant money?

What is this?

I don’t know.

Maybe I'm scared.

I know it would help but am I using it as an excuse not to keep doing what I can without it?

If only I had the extra money…


It’s incredible the gatekeepers we create for ourselves.

If you really cared, you'd find a way.

A good lesson.

For reference, here's the application pieces we sent in:

I’ll still be applying in the next batch.

My first reaction to the email may have been sadness.

But my next was excitement.

The next application will contain all the updates we’ve made on the previous version.

Hell, maybe we won't even need the grant!

Time to build.