Running up the stairs

Running up the stairs

That’s what you want to be doing. Sometimes two at a time. When you can’t do two, do one.

Sometimes the stairs will be steep, sometimes they’ll be missing, sometimes they’ll go down but they always end up going up.

Some have the mentality of thinking, if I work hard now, I can relax later. That’s a good mentality. But the truth is, life doesn’t stop happening.

Even when you’re relaxing, you’ve still got your thoughts to deal with, problems will arise, family members will get sick. These things don’t stop.

So that’s why we run. That’s why we run up the stairs. That’s why we get up in the morning and buckle our shoes.

We do it so it’s not a surprise.

We do it because we’re looking for the easy way out. We know from experience the easy way out is a trap.

You do it so when you have to jump to the next flight, you can say...

I’m ready.