I looked forward to Damo being there. When I'd go on break and we'd be sitting at the same table.

We always had good conversations. I was 22, 23, he was older, had been through what I'd been through.

I had long hair, he told me he did too when he was 25. Drove around Australia and went surfing. I liked that story.

He told me about his family. Two young children, a beautiful wife. Didn't need many things.

He was my manager on paper but more of a mentor. When I spoke about something I thought I knew, he challenged my thinking. All good mentors do.

I broke up with my girlfriend and we worked together for a few months. Damo was there. Said things will be alright. Every man gets their heart broken at some point. It sucks. But your positivity will shine through.

He was right.

We ran into each other today. We hugged. I told him what I was up to. Said thank you what you taught me. I think about our conversations often. Said I still remember you saying when I handed in my letter of resignation you'll do well at whatever you do. That belief meant the world to me.

Good mentors are hard to come by. If you're lucky enough to find one, let them know.

I got lucky.

Thank you Damo.