Like Wonder with an S

Like Wonder with an S

I went on date with a girl studying to be a paramedic.

She told me of a lesson she'd learned recently.

Sometimes the patients we go to don't need an ambulance. When I first started, I wondered why they called. I mean, we could've gone to a patient who really did need an ambulance.

But then my mentor told me, sometimes people call just so someone can hear their story. All they're after is someone to listen and to show them they care, let them know someone is there for them.

And I realised what a privilege that is. To be able to care for someone, to listen to their story, whatever it may be.

I smiled and showed her my arm.

You gave me goosebumps.

She looked. Smiled.

That story reminds me of one of my favourite words, I said, have you heard of the word sonder?

I haven't.

It's a beautiful word. It's the realisation that everyone you see, walk by, hear of, all of them, all of them are living a life as deep and intricate as your own.

That is a beautiful word. How do you say it?

Sonder. Like wonder with an s.

I'm going to remember that.