Start where you are

As you were. As a friend. As an old enemy.

Start where you are

Aside from "where should I start?", another question I'm often asked is "when should I start?"

The question comes in many forms:

I know the feeling. I ask myself the same questions.

But time after time, I'm reminded, there's never the right or wrong place to start, there's never the perfect moment. Trying to convince yourself otherwise will send you mad.

Think of a line of the infinite possibilities in front of you, if the line isn't really long, you're not thinking big enough.

Now, what are the chances you're at the exact point in the line you need to be?

Pretty low.

Conversely, you can never be at any other point than you are now.

And once again, one of the dichotomies of life shows its pretty head.

Simon sent through a message. Saying he wanted to get started with machine learning. After crossing a few roadblocks, he's enjoying it. He came from a sales background in the motor industry.

Was he ready?

Did he have the right prerequisites?

Maybe, maybe not.

But he decided. He was curious and got started.

And sometimes that's all it takes.