4 Things I’m Tapping Out of Before I’m 30 (unpopular opinion)

I’m 25 in a month. I should have it all together.


I live at home. In my parents garage. I’ve been sleeping in my brothers room lately. His Xbox is in my room. Long story.

Move out? That’s not on this list. But I do love it at home. My brothers are my best friends and my I love seeing my parents everyday. I need to tell them ‘I love you’ more often. I love you Mum and Dad.

My friends moved out and asked me to come. “No thank you.”

I’ll keep contributing to the house. Paying bills, cooking food, setting an example for my brothers.

I’m lucky. Really lucky. “You won the jackpot,” I remind myself.

There’s a bunch of stuff I thought I wanted. A jet ski, a nice car, a new phone, a nice house. I bought a jet ski. Then sold it.

All of the wants were just filling a hole. Not any hole. One of those ones that gets bigger the more you put in.

I wanted to start making less decisions. Less but better.

I had a girlfriend for two years. It was great. I loved every minute of it. Then we broke up. It sucked. Life goes on.

I missed the feeling of being important to someone. So I downloaded Tinder. I couldn’t be bothered to swipe through properly. Too much time. Every day I swipe right on every girl until my matches run out. What a fucked up way of feeling important.

I love writing. You get to see how truly weird your thoughts and actions are. I’m deleting Tinder, again. Probably.


I just saw a girl taking a selfie stop in her car at a traffic light. Maybe it’s for Tinder.

I‘m not on Tinder for a serious relationship. Only dates. Dates are fun. Maybe someone would fall in love with me.

I couldn’t handle it. I’ve got too many things I want to work on.

Plus, imagine if she read this. Hah.

Then it came to me. I could save myself five years of relationship thoughts by tapping out until 30. My Dad married my Mum at 39. I might go 1 better.

Jump inside the mind of a healthy 20-something year-old male. It’s a circus. Boys, you know what I’m talking about.

I know I can’t turn off the monkey mind completely. So dates are fine. But no excessive chasing or wanting to take it to the next-level until post three decades.

I asked a girl out yesterday. No reply.


Our family home is ordered chaos. Two girl dogs make up for four brothers. There’s the bird too. He’s a character.

Mum brings it together. I love you mum.

Having a house to live in is great. But I don’t want one of my own yet.

I thought I did. But then I realised it was the world telling me “You should buy a house.”

Perhaps one day. But not until after 30. Another big decision crossed off the list for 5-years.

If I move out, I’ll rent or live at hostels. What a story five-years of hostels would be. I used to think renting was dead money. It’s not. It buys you freedom to move around.


There is no try. Only do.

Yoda nailed it. Star Wars nailed it. The best messages are obvious.

All the platitudes are true.

My best work comes when I get out of my own way. When I stop holding myself back and let the muse takeover.

“I just let it happen, I can’t explain it.” — every successful creative person ever.

There’s no better creative process other than sitting down to do the work.

Not trying too much doesn’t mean not trying at all. It means not worrying about everything being perfect. It means I’ll publish this post and read over it later to make it better. Update: Hows’ it look?

Life happens at the intersection of caring and not caring at the same time.

That’s enough for now. More things on this list and I’d have to worry about not doing them all. That could be the last one.


This one probably isn’t too unpopular.