Tending to your garden

Tending to your garden

I went for a walk this afternoon and watched the older people next door tending to their garden. They live in a complex which hires people to manage their gardens but they were out there taking care of it themselves.

One lady pointed to something and another nodded. They were figuring out how things could be improved. How they could best dedicate their efforts. How they could make the small little garden out the front of their place look beautiful.

Imagine how the world would look if everyone else did the same.

Instead of focusing on the gardens of others.

“He should get rid of that!”

“She shouldn’t be doing that!”

“They can’t put that there!”

People focused on their own. Figured out how they could make their own gardens look a little better. Removed the weeds, planted a tree, added some flowers, said hi to the neighbours whilst doing so.

And if it seems like it’s all for nothing. Because no one else stops to smell your roses. Remember, you can always stop to smell them yourself.