The business of storage

The business of storage

Storage businesses make money storing items for people. They sell empty space.

I wonder what kind of contracts these storage businesses offer?

Do they have 6-month contracts?

I wonder how many people would keep the stuff after storing it there for 6-months and not using it?

TV shows have been made about people who leave their stuff there for too long and it gets sold.

Maybe they’d be upset to see it go. Maybe they’d be happy breaking up with their stuff and someone else doing it for them.

That’s what happens. Sometimes you get to a point where something has been around so long, you’re used to it being there. Even if you don’t use it anymore.

It’s why the business model of storage works. People would rather pay to keep their stuff somewhere than get rid of it.

They should use the 6-month rule. If they haven’t used it in 6-months, it goes. The storage business could use it to. There’d be an option. If a person wants to store their stuff, they could take the 6-month package. Once 6-months hits, if they haven’t touched it, their items get donated to charity.

The beauty of the rule is you can use it before you get something too.

“Will I use this in 6-months?”

If not, don’t get it.

If so, think about it for another month and ask yourself again. If the answer is still yes, ask yourself if you're sure.

Exception to the rule: Books. If you're considering getting a book or not, you should. A $10 book which contains 1 good thought you can use for life. Even if you buy 10 bad books you come out in front.