The creative habit

The creative habit

Treat creativity as a habit. If you want to be more creative, practice being more creative.

I wanted to get better at writing, so I started writing every day.

I wanted to get better at making videos, so I started making videos every week.

Creativity isn't only for the recognized arts either. The creative sees everything as an art.

You can be creative writing code. Find a new way to do something.

You can be creative making dinner. Cook a dinner you've never cooked before.

You can be creative expressing your feelings for someone. When's the last time you sent your loved one a hand written letter?

When you start to see creativity as a muscle, you realise, everyone has the potential to creative.

To live the life you want to live, you have to be creative.

A business problem got you stuck? Tried all the usual things? You're going to have to be creative.

A relationship on the ropes? What could you do differently?

Trying to supply clean water to the world? Many have tried. What creative solution do you have?

Want to learn something you've never learned before? Start out bad. Then find a creative way to improve.

The list goes on.

Practice being creative every day. Something small, something large, it doesn't matter. As long as it's there.

Create the habit. The creative habit.