The girl from yesterday

The girl from yesterday

It’s funny how it goes. You could be working on something all day and then run into a girl you know. One you used to lust over, not anymore but plenty in the past. And it throws your whole system out of whack.

All the memories are so strong. The smell. The colours. The way she walked.

Some memories are stronger than others. But most are weak. The ones worth remembering stick around.

All those years walking around the campus and I remember hardly any of it.

The details fade away. What people say goes with it. But how you feel sticks around.

It might’ve been Tuesday’s. Tuesday’s or Thursday’s. We’d have class together in the big hall. There was another girl. One I’d had a crush on in primary school. Circle of life. We shared the middle of the back row. I’d always make sure there was a seat free. If she got there late, I’d offer it to her. I’d be excited and nervous at the same time. The best combination.

And you know what? The whole time she had a boyfriend. Still does. 3 or 4 have been or gone since. This one is from before.

Maybe there was a window. 3-4 months where we lapped over without partners.

I missed it.

Doesn’t matter. I’ve come to learn.

Sometimes the idea of being with someone is better than actually being with them.

She’s doing well. Taking care of sick kids, inspiring work. I commented on her hair. She said it was back to her natural colour. Brown instead of blonde.

As we left I wished her Merry Christmas.

Maybe we’ll see each other before the next.