The sun was setting and it was one of those ones where it’s so beautiful it’d be rude to look away. I was walking along the beach saying to myself I’ll keep walking until it sets and then I’ll turn around. Out on the water was a big boat. Not sail the seven seas big but big enough to fit 10 people in nice rooms. One of the people, a man in a white shirt, was sitting on the front lounged out on a chair. I looked at this man and then back at the boat and thought wow, having a boat like that must be great and the view must be amazing.

Then I realised. We were looking at the same sunset. The same beautiful sunset. No more than 50 meters apart. Except I was on a very nice beach and he was on a very nice boat.

I saw my friends up on the hill watching the sunset too. But I decided to take this one for myself and kept walking then sat on the sand and continued to sit for a while. Thinking, staring.

When it went below the horizon I bounded to my feet and saw a little slither of it fade away again. Two sunsets in one day. Not bad. I got up wondering if the man on the boat knew the trick to getting two sunsets in one day. Then I thought, nah, one’s enough.