The story in everything

The story in everything

Everyone you meet has a story to tell.

Behind everything you buy is a series of tales all coming together.

Every day you wake up you’re creating your own. You get to decide where the plot goes. Sure there will be surprises along the way, things you didn’t think of, times where the hero gets challenged. But the fun part is figuring out what’s going to come next.

When you see the world this way, from the point of view everything can become a story, creative blocks don’t happen.

Even if things go bad, you know you can make something from it.

Don’t get stuck believing you’re not capable of making something you’re proud of.

Create your own definition of success.


Being able to look in the mirror and make my 18 to 20 year-old self, the version of me who dreamed of who I would be now. The 18 to 20 year-old version of me would want to be someone who took care of himself, laughed often, created things and shared them along the way.

Today I made the 18 to 20-year old version of me proud.

I ordered a new chair. Actually, a NeueChair. It’s the best chair I’ve ever owned. I made a video about. And interweaved a story about creating every day.

The beautiful thing about creating every day is you’ve got no time to wait for it to be perfect. All you’re looking to do is chance your worldview to find the story in everything. In the beginning, you suck. But with a little practice, you get better at it. And believe me, when you see the world as a story, everything starts to look better.