The sun will shine on you differently

The sun will shine on you differently

There was a bit of a bump getting into the car park. I found a spot and stopped. The door handle is broken so I opened the window, opened the door from the outside and held it open whilst I put the window up.

As I got out, it started to rain. A heavy rain, really belting down, not one of those weak showers. I saw a guy sitting in his car a couple down. He was eating a sandwich and looking at the fields. They were greener than ever. It was that time of year. The sun was still on his car. The rain hadn’t made it there yet.

I walked into the cafe, ordered and sat down. Did some reading, did some writing. When I left the rain had stopped. The guy in the car and his car were gone.

I opened the car door and sat down. This time the sun was on me. A little ray poking out through the clouds.

That’s when I realised.

Sometimes you get it.

Sometimes you don’t.