There’s no need for genius envy

There’s no need for genius envy

I read through Twitter, watch videos on YouTube, read the headlines. See what others are up to. See their achievements. And I get jealous. All these geniuses!

Why aren’t I like that?

Why aren’t I earning the respect of others?

Why aren’t I that smart?

Why why why...

Then I remind myself. These thoughts, these feelings of envy, jealously, they’re a waste of time.

Who do they help?

Not me. Not anyone.

Instead, it’s much better to use the works of others as inspiration. As fuel for your own creations.

Instead of asking, why aren’t I like that? Asking, why can’t I be like that? Why can’t I be better than that? And even taking it a step further. Remembering, everyone is on their own path. So the only one you should be trying to better is your previous self.

A really swinging human being is someone who can both at the same time.

Seeing and hearing about the achievements of others and congratulating their genius.

Whilst being completely obsessed with their own work as if it was all that mattered.