Time spent doing nothing is rarely wasted

Time spent doing nothing is rarely wasted

One of the curses of modernity is always having to be doing something. It’s never been easier to stay connected, to consume information, to offer up our attention.

However, paying attention to something is not the same as experiencing it.

A filled calendar can give the illusion of productivity. But take a step back and really go through what each event means and you’ll start to realise you could accomplish what needs to get done with less than half of what’s there.

We’re taught to fill the empty space with something. It doesn’t matter what it is but it has to be filled with something.

In times gone by the main concern was a lack of resources, now the problem is having an excess of resources. Excess food has led a myriad of health problems, excess technology has led to a system which relies more and more on complex solutions, excess specialization has led to a project requiring the input of a group rather than a handful of people.

It’s common for someone to look at someone doing nothing and think they haven’t got it together. But what’s missed is the person who has so much on they don’t have time to think for themselves. Routines are for robots, not people.

This isn’t to say there should be no structure whatsoever in ones day, it’s more an argument for more time spent doing nothing. Balancing the books of nature.

Taking time off to explore, to rest, to think should never be frowned upon.

Remember the last time you had a great idea?

What were you doing?