Two opposing thoughts

Two opposing thoughts

How well would a barbell work if you only put weights on one end?

Try and perform a deadlift and you’d be strained to one side. Keep doing it like this and your spine won’t be your friend for much longer.

The better way to do it is to have weights on both sides. Each counter-balancing the other. You could even mix it up and make each side slightly different to the other. Then change it around next time. The slight difference adds variability.

You can take this barbell approach to your own thinking.

If you’ve ever tried to have a conversation with someone whose stuck on one way of thinking, they’re the same as a barbell with weights on one side. Interesting in the short-term but damaging in the long-term.

What’s far more interesting is when someone is able to hold opposing thoughts in their mind at the same time. Someone who isn’t hell-bent on one side but is continually in search of something better. Someone like a balanced barbell, whose thoughts are heavy but adjustable.