Via Negativa

Via Negativa

I sent a message to my friends, a photo of my shoe rack.

Who wants free shoes?

A few responded. Enough to get rid of half of them.

The rest can go to charity.

Same with the other things I have sitting around, an old watch, a few devices.

One pair cost a few hundred dollars. I haven’t worn them in months. My feet feel better when they touch the ground.

The batteries in the watch went dead. I prefer my hands being free.

I looked around my room. Wondering what else I could get rid of.

A bed, a desk, a computer, a backpack, a notepad. That’s enough.

Enough for me to learn, enough for me to create, enough for me to visit and spend time with the ones I love. That’s what I enjoy most.

The less things I own, the better I feel.

There’s a saying for it. Via negativa. Addiction by subtraction. Less but better.