What could you take away?

What could you take away?

The New Year is coming up. You might’ve given someone something recently. Or maybe even received a gift from someone. It's the season of giving. And it’s around this time, New Years resolutions start being formulated.

This year, I’d like to...

• Lose weight

• Stop eating KFC

• Get healthier

• Love myself more

• Get a girlfriend

• Earn more money

• Be more true to myself

• Work for myself

• Become a creative

• Learn to code

• Start writing more often

• Take more risks

Each one of these have worked their way into my resolutions over the years.

This time I’m training myself to think a little differently.

Instead of opting for more, which is usually my default, I’m asking what could I take away?

Could I do less but better? How could I do better work with the tools I have?

Could I own less but better? Can I keep my expenses down, or lower them but produce more value?

You might want to try the same. Instead of adding something new in the New Year, take something away.