What would the jellyfish think?

What would the jellyfish think?

“Does she think I’m fat?”

“What’s he doing?”

“I can’t believe he said that.”

“She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”

“He’s not doing that is he?”

“Why aren’t I getting the attention they are?”

And more things like this.

There’s a pod of jellyfish at the end of the pier.

Millions of years of life, probably more.

And here these floating things, hundreds, thousands of them.

They go about their thing. Floating, flapping, being there.

I stare at them and wonder, “what are they thinking about?”

Probably none of the things above.

Then I think, “I should do the same.”

Then I think, “Wait, I don’t want to be a mindless floating jellyfish.”

Then I think, “Better do a bit of both.”