Who’s going to take responsibility?

Who’s going to take responsibility?

With opportunity comes responsibility.

You can’t have the benefits of opportunity without the efforts of responsibility.

The internet has given you the opportunity to create things at little to no costs. Writing is basically free. But it’s your responsibility to sit down and get the words out.

A device you use every day probably has the capability to take photos and videos. But it’s the same again. It’s your responsibility to take the photos, to shoot the videos.

It took me a while to learn this lesson. I was one of the ones who took opportunity for granted. Who thought things were supposed to just happen for me.

I remember being at university, sitting in the cafe, wondering what to do with my life. I reassured myself by saying, “this is fine, I’ll get a degree and then I’ll get a job and life will be sorted”.

Then an email arrived. Someone who knew me wanted to pay me to help them get fit. I’d been posting some photos of the things I was doing and said if anyone wanted help to reach out. I couldn’t believe. Someone wants to pay me for doing the things I was doing for myself already? I’d gotten a taste.

At the same time, I thought more opportunities like it would come rolling in. They didn’t. It wasn’t until I kept creating, kept making the things I wanted to see in the world did anything else happen.

It’s what I tell my little brothers. If you want to create the life you’re after, you have to take on the responsibility of what that life comes with.

I say it to them but really it’s another way of reminding myself.

If not you, who?